About School Web Design Team

School Web Design Team is responsible for contents and design of official internet presentation of "Jan Kolar" Grammar School in Backi Petrovac. The Team is also responsible for maintaing and regulary changing of School Web site where the presentation is installed.

School Web Design Team leader is professor Jaroslav Grnja.
For installing, linking, maintaining, administrating and design of Web presentation, the responsible person is pupil Milos Srdjevic.
Inserting the texts into computer and final text setting for nicer look on the presentation is confided to pupils Vanja Kurunci and Masan Milosevic.
Translating the texts to English was made by English professors Fedor Cervenski and Ana Kudron.
The presentation of School Papers "Sladkovic" was made by 3rd grade pupil Pavel Surovy.
We wish to express a great gratitude to the "Jan Kolar" Grammar School Head-Master, professor Viera Boldocki, who helped us to put this presentation on the internet.

Comments and suggestions You can send to responible School Web Design Team members by E-mail or some how else. Your every suggestion will be carefully considered and You will be noticed in due time.

Copyright & Disclaimer

Copyright "Jan Kolar" Grammar School

Any official document on the "Jan Kolar" Grammar School's web server is protected under the Copyright Act 1998.
Any "Jan Kolar" Grammar School web page may be linked to any other web page. However, the contents of "Jan Kolar"
Grammar School web pages cannot be altered without the School permission.
All rights reserved.


The School Web Design Team makes every effort to ensure that the information on the Web server is correct. The "Jan Kolar"
Grammar School reserves the right to amend policies without notice in response to changing circumstances, or for any other reason.

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