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ID of the Students' Boarding House in Backi Petrovac

The boarding house was opened on September 1st,1997. It offers accomodation for the students of "Jan Kolar" grammar school (age 15-19). It’s capacity is 72 beds. There are 14 employees engaged in the students' house. It is located near the school. It is a two-storeyed building with 20 tree-bed rooms and 6 two-bed rooms. Two, resp. three rooms are connected by the hall, so 6 or 7 students use the same bathroom. It provides meals and cooking facilities; a dining room provides 90 places. There is a study with a TV set on the first floor and a Kitchen for the students' use on the second floor.
There are 60 permanent borders in the students' house (40 girls and 20 boys). They come from different places such as: Selenca, Pivnice, Glozan, Novi Sad, Silbas, Despotovo, Zabalj, Odzaci, Erdevik, Stara Pazova, Janosik, Ljuba, Kisac and Celarevo.
The students' are engaged in the extra curricular activities such as: computing science, chess, rhytmical gymnastics, folk dances, basketball, journalism and a native language.
The students are allowed to use Computer Laboratory, gym and the sports courts.

SBH Pictures

Building - Front Side
Building - Front Side

Building - Back Side
Building - Back Side


Ondrej Koros Jan Elias
Ondrej Koros
Jan Elias
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