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The Grammar school "Jan Kollar" was founded in 1919 year as a result of a desire of the SLOVAK population in Yugoslavia for education and cultural upbringing. For decades it was the only Slovak secondary school outside the former Czechoslovakia. It was never closed in narrow Slovak limits, but had always a wide cooperation with other national environments, so cultivating coexistence among people.
School BuildingDuring the first years of its existence, the school existed, mainly, thanks to the gifts of townsman and to voluntary contributions. So, this grand ( for a village ) school building, was built in 1922 and 1923 years.
During its existence in the old Yugoslavia, the school had fought with number of difficulties and few times it was threatened to be closed. After the occupation of the Backa by the Horty fascists, the Grammar school as the symbol and the place of resistance of this environment was closed and it vegetated during the occupation as a townschool. The four of her teachers were imprisoned and most of the others suspended.
Freedom loving spirit, being in school, resulted in mass taking part of its pupils and teachers in the resistance during World War II. Many of the pupils of this school were the first fighters and the four of them who took part in the diversion of the burning down of the Hemp factory were hanged while the others were sentenced to a long term or a life long imprisonments.
In the resistance during World War II, 46 pupils and two teachers of this school lost their lives.
School BuildingThe conditions for its work in new Yugoslavia were much better. In the school year 1947/48, the Teachers training college was opened within this school. The material basis constantly improved. Especially important step in this was made during the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation. Thanks to the wide support of the working and socio-political organization, as well as the efforts of its teachers and pupils, the conditions for a complete transformations to cabinet work were created, as well as the introduction of numerous innovations in the teaching process itself with the aim to better activate the pupils in the teaching process.
During its 60th anniversary of work, a further improvements of the material basis with changed needs of transformated secondary school complex was made.
Free activities of the pupils of this school have rich traditions. Of a special importance is the work of the selfeducational, in the beginning, literary society "Sladkovic", which in 1975 year celebrated its 50th anniversary. "Sladkovic", in the course of its existence was the source of cultural, progressive thoughts, so from "Sladkovic" came out many important cultural workers and writers of the Slovak origin.
School BuildingToday, "Sladkovic" unites all cultural activities of the school and publishes its magazine. With a long tradition mass participation and the results in its work excells the pupils sport society "Secondaryschooler".
Many circles, drama club and folk group, vocal-instrumental groups, chorus, etc., are also a part of endeavors of this school not to be an educational institution only, but to become a serious center for creation of the scientific, cultural and public workers and to be a moving power of cultural and other activities of this community.
In the course of its existence 2850 pupils of the Grammar school and 216 pupils of the Teachers training college have completed their schooling in it. These, former pupils have played an important part in economic, cultural, educational and socio-political life of the Slovaks and wider, so that they represent on of the vital facts in the process of realization of the national equality.
The boarding school opened in 1997 year gives a new quality to this school.

For its works the school has received many acknowledgments:

  1. The Liberation of Vojvodina - October 22nd 1979
  2. The Declaration of Brotherhood and Unity with Silver Wings - October 15th 1969
  3. The Vuk’s Reward - December 25th 1972
  4. The Plague of the Community of Backi Petrovac and a Remembrance Medal of the Community of Backi Petrovac
  5. The October Reward of the Community of Backi Petrovac - October 15th 1970
  6. The Plaque of the Union of Yugoslav Fighters in the Resistance in the World War II - July 4th 1979
  7. The Cultural Spark - 1975
  8. The "Jovan Mikic - Spartak" Reward - October 10th 1975

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