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Backi Petrovac

Backi Petrovac is situated 30 km north-west of Novi Sad on the part of the regional road NS – ODZACI – SOMBOR. Backi Petrovac is economical cultural and administrative center of the community of Backi Petrovac. The Community consists of four settlements out of which Backi Petrovac is a settlement of a town character, while the other three are of Panonian type: Kulpin, Glozani and Backi Maglic.

Being in south Backa which according to special climatic and other conditions is one of the most fertile parts, very suitable for setting down, here in this part people made their settlements very early. The first written records about Petrovac had appears in the 13th century when Petrovac is mentioned as a church parish belonging to Backa Zupanija. Later that name is changed into Petrovac. Its first inhabitants were the Hungarians and Serbs. In the first half of the 18th century (1745) the Slovaks settle here. Since then Petrovac developed so that it represents cultural, economic, chrical and political center of the Slovaks in these parts. According to listing in 1992 year in B.P. live 7229 inhabitants, out of which 88% are the Slovaks, then 4% the Serbs, the remaining 8% are other nationalities. Agriculture is the most important economic activity based on the production of field crops (wheat, corn, broom weed, sugar beet, hop) , cattle, breeding dud ponetry and vegetable crops. Besides agriculture there is also some industry manufacture, metal and chemical. Manufacture of wood civil engineering, printing activities, etc.

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